Novum school

We founded our school was in 2014 with the aim of introducing a new approach to the field of vocational training.

Our most important endeavor is to provide the students in our school with such knowledge to be able to confidently enter the professional and market world of XXI. century.
It is also our goal to develop in our students the inner need for self-development and professional development!

The Novum Dental Primary School is a school-based adult education program, our students can be certified as 54 7224 01 Dental Technician Trainee and 55 724 01 Dental Technician.

The students can pass the vocational exam also by the organization of the school.

During the academic year we organize regular trainings, courses, presentations and we also participate professional events.

Our trainers and partners always strive to give the most and best of their professional knowledge to our students and to introduce them to this wonderful profession, and to make them love it.

Our Motto

“I’ll give you a flame, nurse it, pass it on and care it faithfully…”

(Sándor Reményik)

School system education trainings

School system education trainings, in regard to the timetable we work according to the Schedule of the Academic Year, and the training is organized on the basis of vocational training frameworks.

54 724 01 Dental Technician Trainee:

  • 2 years training ending with a professional exam,
  • At the end of the 1st year 160 hours of continuous summer practice,
  • Theory and practice ratio: 30%-70%
  • Prerequisites: matriculation examination

55 724 01 Dental Technician:

1 1-year add-on specialty training, ending with a professional exam,

  • Theory and practice ratio: 20%-80%
  • Prerequisites: Dental Technician Trainee.

The framework curricula for training and the vocational examination requirements (also the oral exam item list) are available on the website of ÁÉEK, NSZFH and the Education Office.

Education Exhibition

Education at school

Vita course

Heraeus course

Student exam